Could it be that simple?

QMC Max view

Like many, I’ve been pondering my purpose all my life.

For a number of years I have known that helping others discover their purpose, embody their gifts and empower their lives is a significant piece of what I’m meant to be doing. And yet I have struggled to articulate my deepest, driving WHY. What is the lesson I am here to learn? What is the core of the message I am here to share?

For a number of months I have been working with an amazing coach one-on-one. Thanks to her unconditional support, encouragement, wisdom and compassion, in every conversation another story or limiting belief is faced, fought, dissected and released. Layers of fear and doubt, questions of worth and ability, story after story debunked.

And, oh! The revelations. Recently identified pieces of the puzzle falling into place, revealing the source of my stories. And, oh! The messages from The Universe. In yoga class and Five Rhythms practice, on flyers and magazine covers, out of the mouths of friends and strangers: Let go of everything that is holding you back! Get ready for your break through!

And there it was. Dropping into my consciousness during Shivasana at the end of a gentle yoga class…what if my purpose in this lifetime is to ACCEPT MYSELF AS I AM?

That’s it. Let go of a lifetime of judgment and criticism. Fire that brutal inner critic. Stop worrying about finding some deeper, more meaningful way of impacting the world. Turn off the message that says I must change how I am if I am ever to be happy/successful/productive.

Embrace the simplicity. Embrace me.

My lesson to embody in THIS lifetime is to accept, love and celebrate myself as I am, who I am, here and now, in THIS moment.

What is YOUR purpose? YOUR lesson to learn?

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